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PhD Positions at Africa Business School - Rabat - Morocco

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 04/26/2023 - 9:43pm

Established in 2016, with the aim of being the leading business school in Africa, ABS is part of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P). ABS supports the transformation of organizations through Research, Advisory and Learning, thus shaping the strategies, operating models, and societal impact of Moroccan and African organizations.

Dedicated to creating the continent's future leaders through training, research, and innovation, ABS aspires to make its graduates con!dent in responding to the most crucial challenges facing Africa and the world. Africa Business School introduces a distinctive perspective to leadership and research aiming for its graduates to develop analytical and practical skills, both quantitative and qualitative, cognitive, and emotional, managerial and technological.

Requesting news for AFAM Newsletter for April 2023 first issue

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 03/15/2023 - 10:31pm

Dear AFAM members,

As you prepare to start a new academic term or year, I trust all your preparations are going according to plan. I write therefore to all AFAM members who have news to share to be published in the August 2021 issue to send their news/announcements by Friday 24th March 2023 to Dr Nceku Nyathi at the following email address:

Best Wishes,


Dr Nceku Nyathi
AFAM Communications Chair

Virtual Paper Development Workshop

Submitted by AFAM on Wed, 09/14/2022 - 1:45pm

One (1) week left to submit your abstract for the upcoming virtual Paper Development Workshop on 'African Approaches to Tackle Grand Challenges' (14 October 2022, 3PM Central Africa/European Time; 9AM Eastern Time), organized by the Centre for African Smart Public Value Governance (C4SP) in collaboration with the Africa Journal of Management (AJOM) and the Africa Academy of Management. 

AFAM Webinar - Responsible Leadership

Submitted by AFAM on Mon, 09/12/2022 - 10:47am

Africa is at a crossroads.  A more sustainable and equitable Africa urgently requires new leadership models that put responsibility, accountability, and sustainability at the heart of its institutions, be they private or public.  The concept of responsible leadership has been the subject of academic and practitioner conversations in the last two decades.  The idea is that the influencing power of leadership should reach beyond a single organisation toward improving society and the world. But it appears to be deeper than just a role; rather it represents a form of agency that gives meaning to what is responsible and possible, a form of conditioning role, of shared and nested concerns toward the greater good. A key component of the responsible leadership competencies includes doing, and thus implying process and practices as a consequence of responsible leadership.


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