The program for this conference is available via the following link.
AFAM 2024 Conference Program

Second Draft of the AFAM 2024 Conference Program

Many thanks to colleagues who flagged omissions and inaccuracies in the first draft of the program. Although we did our level best to rectify them, we may have inadvertently left some unaddressed. We therefore encourage you to take a close look at the second draft and let us know of any such omissions and inaccuracies at your earliest convenience.

We aim to post a finalized version of the program by mid-December. Papers whose authors have not registered by then would be excluded from the program. For multi-authored papers, at least one of the authors must register to have their papers included in the program.

Again, many thanks to the authors, reviewers, track chairs, and members of the conference organizing team for their contributions to putting the program together.

We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town and to your participation in what promises to be a stimulating conference.

Sam Aryee
Sherwat Ibrahim